Best Inflatable SUP Australia

Best Inflatable SUP

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) have revolutionised the paddling world, offering a blend of convenience and accessibility. They provide a fantastic way for everyone, from beginners to seasoned paddlers, to get out on the water and explore Australia’s stunning waterways.

Our Top Picks

Unlike traditional hard boards, these inflatable Stand up Paddle boards or SUP’s can easily be packed down into a backpack, making them perfect for those with limited storage space or for adventurers who want to take their boards on trips.

When considering an inflatable SUP, durability, performance, and stability are key. High-quality materials such as military-grade PVC and drop-stitch technology offer robustness and rigidity, which are essential for a good experience on the water.

The right SUP for you should align with your intended use, whether it’s for leisurely paddles on a quiet lake, ocean surfing, or even SUP yoga. Some boards are designed with versatility in mind, while others are specialised for a specific type of paddling.

The specifics you should be mindful of when making your purchase include the weight capacity, which dictates the amount of weight the board can support; the dimensions of the board, which affect stability and manoeuvrability; and the thickness, which contributes to the firmness of the board when inflated. Moreover, the quality of the included accessories like paddles, pumps, and carry bags can profoundly influence your SUP experience.

Let’s dive into what makes certain SUPs stand out in the competitive Australian market.

Top Inflatable SUPs in Australia

I’ve scoured the market to bring you my top picks for inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) that are perfect for Australian waters. Whether you’re after something for a leisurely paddle on a calm bay or seeking an adventure on our iconic waves, this list has you covered.

I focused on quality, durability, and value to make sure you get the best experience out on the water. Here, you’ll find superb options that cater to paddlers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros.

Masterish SUP Adventure

I reckon it’s a solid investment for anyone keen to hit the water with a reliable and versatile board.


  • Tough and stable, top-notch for beginners
  • Versatile use from paddling to yoga
  • Bundle includes all gear needed to start immediately


  • Limited customer feedback due to being a newer product
  • Might be too wide for those wanting high-speed performance
  • The included pump can be a bit of a workout for the arms

Just gave the Masterish Paddle Board a good go, and I’m stoked! First impressions were spot-on. The heavy-duty material and sturdy construction had me feeling confident as I cruised around, even as a first-timer.

Its 32-inch width offered top stability when I was finding my sea legs, perfect for those still getting the hang of SUP.

I experimented a bit, doing a bit of SUP yoga, and it didn’t disappoint. The non-slip deck pad kept me from bailing into the drink, especially when the bay got a bit choppy.

It’s got this nifty action mount too, perfect for snapping a selfie or adding a fishing rod – can’t wait to reel in a big one next time!

Packing up was a breeze. All the bits and pieces, even the adjustable SUP paddle, fit into the backpack with room to spare.

The portability aspect is a huge win for me, making it easy to stash in the boot of the car and head off to find the perfect spot.

Grabbing this board, you’re all set from the get-go. It saves the hassle of chasing down extras since the full kit’s decent quality.

My only grumble? Pumping it up is a solid arm workout, but once it’s done, you’re golden. Sure, the board’s not built for speed demons due to its width, and there aren’t heaps of reviews to back it up just yet. Nonetheless, if you’re after a reliable and versatile experience, the Masterish Paddle Board is a beauty.


I reckon this SUP is a top pick for its incredible stability and ease of use, perfect for Aussies of all paddling skills.


  • Amazingly stable and easy to manoeuvre
  • Lightweight design, making it simple to carry
  • Quick inflation and deflation, saving precious beach time


  • High demand might make it tough to snag one
  • Premium price point compared to some alternatives
  • Extra care needed to avoid punctures or damage

Hitting the water with the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board felt like a breeze. Its wider design provided the stability I needed to confidently paddle out, even as a relative newbie to the SUP scene.

The board is light as a feather, making it a cinch to transport from my ute to the shore.

Another surfs up moment was the setup speed. Pumping it up was a doddle, and it was just as fast to deflate after a ripper of a session. It meant more time catching waves and less mucking about. Plus, the drybag was a lifesaver for keeping my phone and keys out of the drink.

However, the popularity of this SUP means you’ve got to be quick off the mark to get your mitts on one, especially during peak season. It also sits at a higher price than some rivals, but I reckon it’s worth the dosh for quality.

Lastly, you’ve got to treat it with a bit of TLC — a brush with a sharp rock could put a dampener on your day, but that’s standard fare for inflatables.

After a solid session on the water, I’d say this Roc SUP is a beaut choice. It’s a tough and dependable mate for anyone keen to paddle around the best spots in Oz. Whether you’re a tacker just starting or a seasoned paddleboarder, I reckon you can’t go wrong with it. Just make sure to take proper care, and it’ll be your reliable companion for many summers to come.

Goosehill Sailor

After having a ripper time on the Goosehill Sailor, I reckon it’s a great pick for those looking for a reliable, all-round inflatable SUP.


  • Impressively stable and sturdy despite being lightweight
  • Inclusive of a comprehensive SUP package, facilitating a top-notch experience
  • Remarkable customer service with a solid after-sales support team


  • Inflation can be somewhat of a workout
  • May not be the fastest board on the water
  • Some users have reported durability concerns after repeated use

I’ve recently had the opportunity to take the Goosehill Sailor out on the water, and I must say, it’s a beaut of a board. It’s as light as a feather to carry, but once inflated, it’s as solid as they come. The size and weight made it a breeze to handle, even when I was out there on my own.

The kit that comes with this SUP is bang on. Everything you need – from the adjustable paddle to the handy backpack for storage – is included. Convenience is key with this setup, and I appreciate that they’ve thought of everything. It’s like they know you’d rather spend more time on the water than faffing about getting ready.

Customer support is right up there too. Knowing you’ve got a responsive team standing by just in case you run into any issues adds an extra layer of comfort to the purchase. I’ve had a yarn with their team, and I can vouch for their commitment to sorting things out swiftly.

I noticed that it isn’t the nippiest board I’ve used, which might put some off if they’re chasing speed. And I won’t lie, pumping it up to the recommended pressure is a decent workout in itself. But once you’re on the water, the effort fades away in the wake of the fun to be had.

Limitations aside, the board’s performance for general paddling sessions – be it a chilled cruise along the coast or a bit of fitness paddling on your local river – is top-notch. So if you’re in the market for an inflatable SUP that punches above its weight, the Goosehill Sailor is worth a squiz.

Soopotay iSUP

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly, all-inclusive, and versatile inflatable SUP, this Soopotay iSUP ticked all the boxes for a splendid day on the water.


  • Exceptionally stable and easy to handle, ideal for beginners
  • Lightweight and portable, convenient for travelers
  • All necessary accessories included, fantastic for getting started immediately


  • May lack the speed desired by more experienced paddlers
  • Manual inflation could be a bit tiring without an electric pump
  • The valve may require careful handling to avoid leaks

I’ve recently taken the Soopotay iSUP out for a spin, and I must say, the stability is impressive. Even as a beginner, I found it simple to keep my balance and enjoyed a worry-free paddle session. It’s slightly wider construction than some models really adds the beginner-friendly stability you need.

Transporting this iSUP was a breeze. The whole kit packs into the included backpack, and at 18 lbs, it didn’t feel like I was lugging around a heavy load on the way to the water. It’s an absolute gem for those with a wanderlust for water adventures who don’t want to be bogged down by heavy gear.

The all-inclusive aspect of the Soopotay iSUP package shouldn’t go unmentioned. It was terrific not having to purchase any additional accessories to start paddling straight away. From the adjustable paddle to the waterproof phone case and the coil leash, they’ve thought of everything you’d need for a safe and enjoyable day on the water.

While inflating the SUP, I did work up a bit of a sweat, but seeing it take shape in under 5 minutes was quite rewarding. For those used to traditional boards, this iSUP might not cut through the water as swiftly, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in comfort and stability. One thing to watch out for is the valve—it’s crucial to ensure that it’s properly closed to avoid any slow leaks.

After several uses, the Soopotay iSUP has proven to be durable for all my paddling escapades. The military-grade PVC material gives me confidence in the product’s longevity, not to mention the comfort in knowing that I can reach customer service should any issues arise.

Surfwave Aqua SUP

I reckon this is a cracking choice for anyone chasing an inflatable SUP that’s easy to use and pack with heaps of features that add to the fun of paddling.


  • Incredibly stable and robust, making it a ripper for beginners and experienced paddlers alike
  • Versatile design, which is top for a variety of water activities
  • Nifty camera mount to capture your water adventures


  • Given its size, it may be a bit cumbersome for smaller individuals to manoeuvre
  • It could take a fair bit of effort to inflate without an electric pump
  • Could be on the pricey side for casual use

Mate, the first time I took the Surfwave Aqua SUP out for a spin, I was stoked by the stability it offered. I found it to be a perfect mate even on choppier waters, thanks to its rigid design. The wide stance was a treat, providing me with the confidence to push my limits without ending up in the drink.

The versatility is another winner; I used it for a paddle sesh and a bit of fishing later. The built-in gear storage came in handy to keep all my stuff secure while I focused on the catch. And setting up a kayak seat? No worries at all with those extra D-rings!

Lastly, the built-in camera mount is a little ripper. I could record my paddle trips easily, and the waterproof bag that comes with it means I didn’t stress about my gear getting wet. Plus, talking up the SUP to my mates has never been easier with such lush footage.

Freein Inflatable SUP

I reckon this Freein SUP is a top-notch choice for both beginners and experienced paddlers looking for versatility and easy transport.


  • Transforms swiftly from SUP to kayak, offering two water sports in one.
  • Lightweight and a breeze to carry, perfect for solo adventurers.
  • Non-slip deck enhances stability and control, even when wet.


  • Inflation can be a tad time-consuming, requiring some elbow grease.
  • The included paddle might feel less robust over time with heavy use
  • Fin attachment is simpler than on some other models but needs handling with care to prevent loss.

I recently gave the Freein Inflatable SUP a go and it’s a cracker of an all-rounder. Its ability to swap from paddle board to kayak is a real game-changer. If you fancy a bit of a relaxed paddle or aiming to catch some waves, it got you covered.

The SUP’s portability is impressive. I had no dramas carting it down to the local beach. Once inflated, the grip pad gave me heaps of confidence, as it was pretty grippy even when I copped a bit of spray over the deck.

Despite the pumping up being a bit of a workout, it’s worth the effort. I’ve had sessions with other paddle boards where the fin was a real pain to slot in, but with this one, it was easier than I expected – just make sure you secure it properly before you hit the water.

Buying Guide

Considerations for Selection

When I’m in the market for an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP), there are several key factors I consider that are pivotal in determining the best SUP for my needs:

  • Purpose: Whether I’m touring, racing, or practising yoga, the intended use greatly influences my choice.
  • Material and Durability: A high-quality PVC is essential for longevity and resistance to punctures.
  • Weight Capacity: It’s important the board can support my weight plus any gear without compromising performance.

Features to Examine

I pay close attention to features that can enhance the SUP experience:

  • Fins: Removable or fixed, the number and quality affect stability and tracking.
  • Deck Pad: It should offer comfort and grip, especially if I plan extended sessions on the water.
  • Accessories: A SUP with a paddle, pump, and repair kit provides better value.

Size and Portability

I make sure to check the size and portability, as these are key for convenience:

Inflated SizeSuitability
Shorter (<10′)More maneuverable, better for surf
Longer (>12′)More speed and stability, ideal for touring
Portability FeatureBenefit
Backpack Carry BagEases transport
WeightLighter is easier to carry

Warranty and Support

Finally, I investigate the warranty and customer support. I ensure that if I encounter issues, there will be assistance available.

Considering these factors, I can make an informed decision. I can choose the best inflatable SUP tailored to my adventures on Australian waters.

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Best Inflatable SUP
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