Wall Mounted Surfboard Racks

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Surf Collective have an epic range of Surfboard Wall Racks that can be mounted. There is nothing better than cruising down the coastline on your surfboard. The sun is shining, the waves are calling, and you feel alive. However, when your surfboard is not in use, where do you put it? A wall mounted surfboard rack storage system is a great way to keep your board safe and out of the way.

When not in use, your surf board can take up a lot of space in your house or garage. A wall mounted surfboard rack will free up that space and make it easy to grab your board when you are ready.

6 Reasons to buy our Racks

  1. They are made in Australia! Our Surfboard Wall Rack systems are designed and manufactured here in Aus.
  2. Strong and trustworthy
  3. Keep your boards safe
  4. A unique way of storing your surfboards or SUPs
  5. Keep your board healthy for longer
  6. Because we are cool…Facts!