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Surf Collective was born of the desire to help support and protect Australia’s grassroots surfing culture. Realising how much the industry had changed since his childhood in the 70’s – now dominated by multi-nationals and their mass-produced products – founder Mark Ranucci connected with a number of independent Aussie surf brands with the idea of giving them a greater voice by bringing them together via an online platform. Each brand in the Collective is proudly Australian owned, independent and produces quality products made with passion – products simply not found in the mainstream. And each has its own unique brand story.

Mark lives in Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches, as does business partner and old school mate, Mike Beckerleg. Mark’s brother, Andrew, also a partner, prefers the surf at home on Sydney’s Central Coast. All three partners find inspiration in what they do, from the brands they passionately support to the feedback they get from customers. And it’s not just Australian customers who are keen on tapping into this surf culture; enquiries are regularly received from people all over the world…the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Surf Collective makes it easy for anyone to discover and purchase quality Australian surf gear, apparel and accessories and in so doing, become connected with a unique surfing lifestyle and heritage.

The Surf Collective Team
The Surf Collective Team

With over 75 brands on board, and customers from around the globe, it seems there is a growing market for people seeking quality Aussie brands that are about more than big profits. Brands that not only look great on the outside, but feel good on the inside…If you want to get involved please Contact Us Here.

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Our Team

Ryan Griffiths
Ryan Griffiths in full action doing a review

Greetings I’m Ryan, a lifelong enthusiast of surfing. My passion for this incredible sport ignited when Australian surfer Tom Carol clinched the world championship. 

Since then, I’ve been wholeheartedly captivated by it. With three decades of valuable surfing experience, I’ve embarked on an exhilarating new venture: launching my own surf shop and composing insightful articles that guide fellow enthusiasts in choosing the finest gear for their surfing adventures.

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