Sydney’s NEW Wavepool Is Insane!

Sydney's NEW Wavepool Is Insane!

G’day! Just landed in Sydney and stoked to be here at the much-anticipated Urban Surf. It’s not every day you get an exclusive sneak peek at a state-of-the-art wave pool that’s set to reshape the local surfing landscape.

To say I’m keen to chuck on the rashie, wax up the board, and carve out some fresh manoeuvres would be an understatement. With an invitation from the legendary Josh Kerr, the anticipation for hitting the waves is through the roof—gonna try my hand at some new aerial stunts and get the adrenaline pumping.

In the midst of this surf-centric hustle, I’ve been munching on lollies, sipping on energy drinks, and juggling the excitement of filming some top-notch skate content with Keegan. Then it’s off to the big smoke for a Rusty movie premiere.

It’s a whirlwind of activity here in Sydney, but that’s how we like it. Staying fuelled and fired up for the sessions ahead, making sure to savour every moment of this exhilarating journey with mates by my side.

You never outgrow the thrill of a good surf, and I’m here to prove it!

Key Takeaways

  • Scored an exclusive invite to test Sydney’s new Urban Surf wave pool before it opens to the public.
  • Planning to tackle new aerial moves and capture the skateboarding scene with the crew.
  • The surfing adventure is complemented by candy-fuelled energy and the buzz of exploring Sydney.

Greetings from the City’s Core Wave Scene

In the heart of Sydney, where one wouldn’t typically expect to catch a wave, an innovative experience has surfaced that has everyone talking. The establishment’s name is synonymous with excitement and modernity, a place that encapsulates the essence of surfing without any need to access the open sea.

The atmosphere here is electrifying, and it’s easy to be swept up in the anticipation of riding the perfect wave.

Channelling the youthful spirit, this wave pool is a testament to the fact that age is merely a number. It offers an opportunity to feel young indefinitely, an exhilarating escape from the relentless march of time.

The drive to keep up with the energetic young crowd is strong, and it’s fuelled by the same kind of gusto one might find from a bag of sour lollies during a road trip—a metaphorical sugar rush that’s all about keeping pace with the relentless energy of surfing’s new wave.

The venture to Sydney was sparked by an exclusive invite from a legend in the surfing world, to preview a wave pool unlike any other. The buzz around this place is real; it’s as if history is in the making.

Urban Surf Sydney Wave Pool

With the promise of pulling off new manoeuvres in a controlled environment, there’s an unmistakable sense of pioneering.

Working the wave with some iconic tricks – like double finger flips and Superman air reverses – the goal here is not just to perform, but to innovate, to push the envelope of what’s possible in a man-made setting. And Sydney’s iconic landmarks offering a grand backdrop, there’s a sense of merging the old with the new; traditional surfing meets cutting-edge technology.

Joining the team here feels like a rite of passage, a family reunion where every triumph is shared. The encouragement rings loud—it’s about the collective support from both peers and heroes. The kinship within this space is tangible.

Every wave, every cheer, bright blue waters under the lights – it’s about making these moments count, bonding over the stoke of surfing well into the night. It’s this camaraderie, this shared pursuit of adrenaline that turns strangers into comrades, igniting a fire that’s reflected in the eyes of all who ride here.

Despite arriving in Sydney only just, the eagerness to leap into the water and embrace the unknown has been irrefutable.

The occasional confusion at the wheel on the way here fades in comparison to the joy of landing a punt in front of an ecstatic crowd.

The sheer marvel of these wave pools isn’t lost on anyone who has ever faced the unpredictability of the ocean. Here, under controlled settings, one can experiment with audaciousness that once could only be dreamt of out at sea.

It’s about taking surfing into a new era – a sort of skate park for wave riders.

Sydney’s Waves and Wipeouts

Cruising through Sydney’s concrete jungle, it’s the glistening swells at Urban Surf where I’ve found my latest playground. It’s all about locking into those perfect cylinders, carving up the wall, and launching above the lip here.

Sydney’s truly delivered, and the vibe at Urban Surf is nothing short of electric—quite the spot to reconnect with the youth pulsing inside me.

The journey here, spirited as ever, saw plenty of left turns (cheers to the chaps for their navigational prowess), but the anticipation of the fresh, unexplored waves kept the stoke high.

I’ve linked up with my mate, Josh Kerr, and what a reunion! The bloke’s set us up to trial this cutting-edge wave pool—a secret gem yet to be unveiled to eager surf enthusiasts.

In the Water

The kick-off was something special, showcasing an air section designed to take your surfing to new heights. Mate, the place was buzzing!

Between the adrenaline of pushing boundaries with new tricks and the camaraderie of the crew, the session was anything but ordinary.

Thrills aside, it’s not just about the waves—there’s a certain indulgence in enjoying treats like a packet of lollies or a burst of caffeine from a Red Bull before hitting the swells.

The Community

The local surf scene’s got a homely feel, where legends and groms alike can throw down moves under the Sydney night sky. You’re exchanging cheers and hoots, stoking each other’s fire as you take turns to pull off something gnarly—there’s no better way to celebrate the surf life.

Reflecting on how we used to chase the wild ocean for a shot at innovation brings a grin to my face. These artificial waves might’ve seemed far-fetched once upon a time, but now they offer a skateboard park vibe where creativity reigns free.

The Gratitude

In the end, my heart’s full of gratitude towards Urban Surf and Josh for this epic set up. Learning and sticking new aerial manoeuvres in an almost mythical setting was just the kind of experience I thrive on.

Following the ripples of my board, I’ll leave you with the thought that Sydney’s not just a city—it’s a surfer’s innovative haven that keeps the youthful spirit alive, wave after well-crafted wave.

Gearing Up for the Thrill

As I approach the innovative wave pool in Sydney, the excitement is palpable. Having received a personal invitation from Josh Kerr himself, an icon of the surfing community, the anticipation weighs heavily on my shoulders—especially given that this state-of-the-art facility isn’t even open to the public yet.

I’m eager to showcase my skills on the ‘Air section’ of the wave pool, an opportunity to push my limits and perfect new tricks like double finger flips and Superman air reverses. Not to mention, this is all happening before a crowd at the big Rusty movie premiere the following night.

In readiness for what’s to come, I’ve ensured my energy levels are high. Whether it’s through a bagful of sour lollies or a can of Red Bull, it’s essential to stay on par with the zest of the young surfers around me.

Sure, I might’ve faced some hiccups on the road—navigating rentals and driving on unfamiliar streets can take a toll—but I’ve made it and I’m ready to hit the water.

Tonight is about camaraderie as well. Trading turns and performing under the lights with the crew, the atmosphere is nothing short of electric. Despite the long day and the travel weariness, the thrill of pushing boundaries with fellow surfers makes it all worth it.

So, I’m just stoked to be a part of this. Riding the wave of innovation in this skate park of the ocean, I’m here to not just witness, but partake in the evolution of surfing.

And in true form, to all supporters out there, hitting the like button and subscribing does wonders—as we navigate this journey together. Now, let’s shred these waves!

Insights from a Travel Vlogger

G’day! Just rocked into Sydney at Urban Surf and it’s phenomenal – talking about catching some gnarly barrels and carving up the waves like a pro! The best bit? It’s in Sydney’s west; you always picture coastal, but we’ve got it all here, inland.

Experiencing the Wave Pool

Let me tell you about this top-notch wave pool – I had the honour of shredding it before it even opened to the public. Thanks to Josh Kerr for that sweet invite. Couldn’t believe my luck – this place is not plastered all over the internet yet. Can you imagine being one of the first to carve up those waves?

The Adventure Begins

So there I was, back on the road, pulsing with excitement for all the tricks I planned to nail in the pool. Not just your everyday manoeuvres but off-the-wall stuff like double finger flips and Superman airs. Yup, planning to push my limits and maybe even make a bit of history under the Sydney night sky.

Travel Hiccups

Of course, travelling isn’t always smooth. The journey down, there was a backlog with the rental car, driving on the unfamiliar side of the road, and let’s not forget those pesky wrong turns. I don’t mind admitting I was a bit frazzled, but adventure’s never free from a bit of chaos, right?

Skate and Screen Time

Besides the waves, the agenda’s chockers – filming some skating action with Keegan and hitting up a big movie premiere. It’s all happening back-to-back, and I’m pumped to share these moments with you lot.

Community Shoutout

Also, just want to give a huge shoutout to every one of you who’s been liking the vids and hitting that subscribe button – you’re legends. Seeing your support in the comments just makes it all worthwhile.

Hitting the Water

Finally hit the water after a long day, and mate, it’s mint! Sharing some epic sessions with Josh and the crew, doing punts at 10:30 PM, with the bright blue water lit up and your mates cheering you on – doesn’t get better than that!

Sweet Satisfaction

And lastly, a note on the munchies – I’ve been noshing on sour lollies and guzzling Red Bulls to keep my energy up. Got to stay on par with the energetic young surfers, even if it means borrowing snacks from my daughter’s stash.

Alright, that’s a wrap for now. Thanks again to Urban Surf for the rad experience, and I’m stoked to share more of my adventures with you. Catch you in the next one – keep watching OTC and ride those waves wherever you find them, in the ocean or a pool!

Heading to Sydney

Eager anticipation filled me as the opportunity to test a brand-new, cutting-edge wave pool in Sydney was presented to me.

Urban Surf had created something unique – a wave pool not yet revealed to the public. I hadn’t seen any footage of it before, and certainly, the waves promised to be pristine and uncharted.

The journey to Sydney was an adventure in itself. Firstly, navigating the airport’s carpeted flooring with a skateboard was a challenge – who knew, right?

The rental car experience didn’t go too smoothly either, and then comes driving on the left side of the road, which certainly was a bit tricky at the start. But the real thrill kicked in as we drove over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The view was electrifying, and the excitement amongst us was palpable; Sydney greeted us with open arms.

In Sydney now, we were on a tight schedule with not a second to lose. There was the Rusty movie premiere coming up, the exciting session at Urban Surf waiting for us, and some skating action planned too.

Our minds were set on innovation and adept manoeuvres – thinking double finger flips, tray flips, Superman air reverses – the list goes on.

Our arrival at Urban Surf was no less than a sprint – time was of the essence, and every minute wasted was a wave missed.

The anticipation was high; could I land the planned tricks? The energy and camaraderie were electric, especially with Josh Kerr, the legend himself, by our side.

I welcomed the challenge with an unquenchable eagerness. Fuelled by a mix of adrenaline and some sour lollies (I’m sure the youngsters do the same), the time had come to dive into the water and tackle the airs.

As night fell, the scene transformed; the pool lit up, and the session turned magical. Performing alongside friends, pushing each other’s limits under the night sky, it was all one could ask for.

The significance of wave pools like Urban Surf cannot be understated. They offer consistent, repeatable waves that are a godsend for trying out new aerials and tricks — a far cry from the unpredictable and often crowded ocean line-ups.

Wave Pool Escapades

G’day! If you’re keen on a good time and fancy mastering some wicked tricks, then let me tell you about this new wave pool right here in Sydney.

I’ve been riding waves and feeling forever young, with adrenaline pumping like I’ve downed a whole bag of sour lollies.

Alright, before I dive into the froth, let’s set the scene: it’s the brand-new state-of-the-art wave pool that’s got everyone talking. It’s still hush-hush, not yet open to the mass market, but I tell ya, it’s a real gem that’s got potential to turn heads in the surf community.

  • Location: We’re talking about a surf paradise nestled in Sydney’s vibrant urban landscape.
  • The Crew: Joined by none other than legend Josh Kerr, and me mates, we’re here to catch some serious air and lay down some tracks.
  • The Stakes: We’re not just splashing around; there’s a premiere of the big Rusty movie tomorrow night – big things are brewing, mate.
  • The Challenge: Fresh out of a travel blur, I’m taking on new stunts. We’re eyeing double finger flips, trey flips, and those lofty Superman air reverses.

This ain’t no ordinary session. We’re trading turns under Sydney’s iconic night sky, the city lights creating a show of their own.

Carving on waves with precision and feeling the rush as we cheer each other on – it’s not just surfing, it’s an electric experience.

Bold Tips for the Wave Pool:

  • Grab a Red Bull. You’ll need the pep in your step for these waves.
  • Mind the signs. Sydney’s big city vibes mean business, so follow the lead.
  • Sync with the crew. There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to push you to new heights.
  • Pack your tricks. This is your chance to really flex those surfing muscles and add some flair to your performance.

So, there I was, just a 40-year-old dad raiding his daughter’s candy stash to keep up with the young guns, showing that age is just a number when you’re shredding the swell with top blokes.

We’ve got LED lights blazing, blue water glowing, and there’s me, stoked out of my mind on this surf-skate mashup that makes you glad to be a board rider.

It’s a game changer, this wave pool. Imagine years ago, you’d be waiting out at sea for the perfect wave, now it’s like a slick, predictable skate park for us wave-riders.

And hey, despite bailing hard at times and blowing out my tail, it’s been a cracker of a session, super grateful for the opportunity.

Capping off, a massive shout out to Urban Surf for letting us tear it up and to Josh Kerr for the invite. Keen for what’s next and just chuffed these wave pools exist; they’re the future, mate. Keep ripping and stay stoked – it’s what keeps us young at heart, innit? Catch you in the water, and don’t forget to hit subscribe for more epic adventures with OTC, where we’re always chasing the next big thrill. Cheers!

Evening Shred at Urban Waves

Just wrapped an epic session over at Urban Surf in Sydney, mates! What a top-notch setting for catching waves under the stars.

Mate, shredding in a wave pool state-of-the-art facility that hasn’t even hit the public radar yet, I feel deadset lucky.

Managed to capture some footage as well – no drama with my trusty iPhone, although it was touch and go with the lighting. The quality, while not quite studio level, did the job. I mean, when you’re lining up to test those new Air section settings, who’s fussing over pixels?

Speaking of airs, the session was all about pushing boundaries. From double finger flips to Trey flips, it was on. But the standout? The Superman air reverse. Now, nailing that move on cue, it gives you a fair dinkum buzz.

Fueled by nothing but stoke (and maybe a few cheeky sour lollies), I made it to the pool despite a few wrong turns – Sydney traffic, you’re a wild one. But hey, some quick thinking and a Red Bull-charged system got me through just in time.

There’s no feeling quite like belting out massive punts with your mates around, the cheers echoing off the water at 10:30 PM. Bloody makes the travel and those back-to-back flights worth it.

Big thanks to Urban Surf for the hospitality and a nod to Josh Kerr for making it all happen. It was an unreal experience – slicing through the brilliant blue, trying out flips and spins, and just loving every second of this breakthrough in surf tech.

Let’s not beat around the bush – these wave pools are a game-changer, especially for landing those tricky new manoeuvres. No dodgy waves or crowded breaks here, just perfect sets on tap, like a skate park for the sea.

And sure, coming from an old dog still throwing down with the groms, it might mean more than a mouthful of lollies to keep up, but who’s counting?

Alright, I’m buzzing from the adrenaline. Time to unwind after an out-of-this-world sesh. Subscribe and stay tuned for more, all the love for the support!

Mishaps with the Hire Car

Crikey, mates! The journey’s been wilder than a roo in a fight with a fence.

So there I was, an American in a fresh set of wheels on the wrong side of the road, after having waited ages for a hire car and enduring the sardine can they call a plane. Mind’s all muddled, body’s sore, but nothing’s going to stop this old dog from learning new tricks!

Bolting through Sydney, with the Harbor Bridge in sight, we’re all buzzing to reach Urban Surf, where Josh Kerr’s waiting.

But, take an American, chuck him on the opposite side of the road in an unfamiliar ride, and you’ve got a recipe for chaos. Nearly missing turns, taking others by a hair – driving here’s a bit dodgy, yeah? But we keep the stoke high, everyone’s keen to push the limits at the wave pool.

The night unfolds, and here’s me, charged on a bag of lollies and straining to keep pace with the young guns. Despite the missteps, we made it, boys!

And here’s the cherry on top: the high of trading massive punts with my mates, under the celestial lights, hollering encouragements – there’s nothing quite like it. Running on a solid week’s worth of Red Bull jitters, we’re out here thrashing, a connection only the swell understands.

A huge shoutout to Urban Surf for the invite and to Josh for setting it up. Mate, it’s been legendary!

Managed a few cheeky airs that’ll have the groms cheering. It’s bonza, having spots like this – back in the day, we fought the ocean and crowded lines to pull off something monumental. Now, these wave pools are like a skate park for shredders, and it’s a bloody ripper that they exist.

Sydney Harbour Adventure

As I cruised over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the energy was electric. Sydney beckoned with a vibe that promised epic adventures and unforgettable moments. My excitement revved up conceiving the stunts I was about to pull off.

In the company of legends, a guide in this journey, Josh Kerr, orchestrated an exclusive sneak peek at a not-yet-public wave pool. Poised to test out an all-new Air section, we geared up to carve the waves and perhaps capture a bit of magic on film alongside some skateboarding antics with Keegan.

Our spirits soared with the prospect of unveiling some exhilarating new manoeuvres.

Wave Pool Antics:

  • Revealing unseen surfing talent
  • Innovating gravity-defying tricks
  • Capturing thrilling moments under the city lights

The reality of Sydney didn’t disappoint, especially as we hit the water. We matched the city’s pulse, weaving through the traffic, absorbing the bustling vibes.

The pressure was on to pull off some groundbreaking stunts at the wave pool, yet I fed off the charged atmosphere. The chance to exchange air reverses with mates rounded off a stellar day in Sydney.

I confess to prepping for the wave pool with a lolly bag bursting with sour sweets and the occasional Red Bull boost, all part of keeping pace with the young talent.

Partaking in a surf session like this in urban Sydney is something out of the ordinary. The clear, bright blue water against the city backdrop, under the night sky—it’s otherworldly.

Hyped by my mates’ cheers, the session was an electrifying blend of camaraderie and competition.

My gratitude towards Urban Surf is immense for opening its doors for this session, proving that these wave pools are more than just a surfing venue; they’re a skater’s dream, a controlled environment where we can perfect our craft.

So, as I wrapped up this visit to Sydney, nostalgia kicked in. It’s moments like these that underscore the evolution of surfing—how lucky we are to have these urban oases where the waves are constant, and the stoke is boundless.

Thrill and Enthusiasm

Mate, let’s talk about the epic adventure I’ve just had. Urban surf in Sydney’s West is where it happened – right in the middle of the action, and I was stoked to be part of it. Here’s the rundown:

  • A New Terrain: Hitting a brand new wave pool that’s yet to open to the masses, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to carve, barrel, and launch into the air.
  • The Rush: With mates by my side, we pushed the limits. We took turns and pumped up the adrenaline under the bright lights and against the deep blue backdrop of the pool.
  • Tech Meets Surf: This isn’t your average wave. It’s like a skatepark built specifically for us surfers. It offers a consistent challenge – perfect for perfecting new airs and tricks.
  • Team Vibes: Truly nothing beats the feeling of trading huge punts with your crew. That feeling of camaraderie, it’s unreal, especially when you’re all fuelled by the energy and excitement shared between you.
  • Fuelled by Treats: Honestly, keeping up with the energy of young guns means refuelling, even if it’s on sour sweets and a Red Bull or three. Stats Details Wave Sessions Non-stop action Crowd Just the crew Highlights Nailing new airs & tricks Mood Enhancement Sweets & energy drinks

Innovations in Aerial Surfing

When the sun’s beaming, it’s prime time for surf sessions filled with barrels, crisp turns, and a go at some aerial manoeuvres. Urban Surf in Sydney is currently hosting me, where excitement hits peak levels – it’s a phenomenal spot to ride the waves. I’m seizing the chance to stay forever young through the thrill of surfing, though realistically, I won’t be young forever. I’ve got energy for days, it seems, enough to keep pace with the young guns thanks to a good dose of sugar-loaded snacks for the drive.

Urban Surf threw out a golden opportunity to test their brand new wave pool, which isn’t even open to the public yet. Hardly anyone’s seen it in action, which adds to the anticipation. The fresh Air section setting is just waiting for us to sample, promising a couple of days full of top-notch waves. Alongside surfing, there’s the added fun of skateboarding and movie premieres in the city. Every day, I’m all about stacking clips and sharing the stoke with the crew.

I’ve got Hook tagging along, an absolute legend, and we’re ready to push the limits with some mind-blowing new aerial tricks. The expectation is sky-high; we’re talking about double finger flips, tre flips, and my staple, the Superman air reverse. Navigating Sydney—for a visitor like me driving on the left—has been a bit of a wild ride, but I’m here for it, regardless. It’s all part of the adventure.

Even while feeling slightly off from the travel, the spirits are sky-high. I can’t wait to pull off some unreal new moves at the wave pool. Now that we’ve arrived, the plan is to immerse myself in the athlete vibe and get psyched with the team. My boy Skip and Josh Kerr, retired but still a surfing maestro, join in. He’s lending a guiding hand, offering advice and facilitating this incredible experience.

As for me, I bring my own flair to the waves, blending in my tricks with a taste of music vibes I’ve picked up along the way. More than just catching waves, my life’s a mixtape of surfing, music, and living freely. There’s a touch of beauty and grace in every ride, and it reflects just who I am—a free spirit that’s no longer confined by expectations.

Life’s like a constant session, and tonight it’s all about sharing those massive air tricks with the crew under the gleaming lights. The wave pool scene is unreal, thinking about how surfers back in the day had to chase new tricks amidst crowded lineups and unpredictable ocean swells. A wave pool is like our personal skatepark, where every wave is a chance to perfect our art.

Thoughts and Appreciation

Waking up with a sunny Sydney sky, today was all about catching waves at Urban Surf’s phenomenal facility. The excitement was palpable; the vibe was unbeatable with the anticipation of shredding some waves and trying out aerial manoeuvres.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Charged Moments: Chasing the rush, I’m keeping up with the youthful energy at heart.
  • New Tricks: Venturing into uncharted territory, I pushed my boundaries to master some fresh moves.

Sharing the stoke with my mates, there’s an undeniable bond that pulls us together—the camaraderie when we’re out amongst the waves or skateboarding through the city lights. Skating at Sydney’s iconic spots and feeling the pulse of the city is a priceless experience.

Gratitude Overflows:

  • Shoutout to the Legends: A massive thanks to Josh Kerr for this incredible opportunity.
  • The Crew: Their cheers and support amp up the thrill. Big love to everyone who keeps the motivation soaring.
  • The Euphoria of Surfing: It’s like a symphony where every wave, turn, and air is a note played to perfection.

Indulging in the Little Things:

  • Sweet Treats: Those sour lollies and the booster Red Bulls truly kept me on par with the younger crew.

Tonight’s session was something else – painting history with every turn and jump under those bright lights, and I couldn’t be more grateful. This wave pool isn’t just a pool; it’s a revolution that has transformed our approach to surfing.

Wave Pool Significance

Surfing in Western Sydney has reached a new level with the introduction of a state-of-the-art wave pool. I’m stoked to be riding barrels, executing carves, and launching into airs at this stellar spot. It’s groundbreaking for the local surf scene, providing conditions you’d typically seek in coastal areas, right here in the city. I’ve teamed up with legends like Josh Kerr—retired pro and mentor to many, including myself—and we’re testing the limits with exciting, cutting-edge manoeuvres.

This wave pool isn’t just about catching rides; it’s an incubator for innovation. Creating consistent and replicable waves, it’s like a skate park for surfers—enabling us to attempt new tricks that would be more challenging in the erratic conditions of the ocean. The set-up here emulates perfect waves every time, making it a game-changer for trying complex moves like double finger flips and Superman air reverses.

In addition to the radical surfing, we’re also diving into the culture with film premieres and team trips, carving out history with each visit. I’ve even joined the Red Bull athlete line-up, which is an absolute buzz. Riding here at night under the lights with mates cheering you on is an indescribable feeling. And despite the occasional travel weariness, the energy here is contagious—I’ve been fuelling up on energy drinks and lollies just to keep pace with the adrenaline.

We’re capturing mind-blowing footage, too. It’s an epic era for the sport, and I’m incredibly grateful for this experience. Subscribing to the channel, you can join the adventure and witness these sessions firsthand. So, let’s get wet, shred some gnarly waves and push the boundaries of what’s possible in surfing right here in Sydney’s vibrant heart.

Sweet Treats and High-Octane Drinks

Dazzling sun and epic waves, that’s the vibe here in Western Sydney. Urban Surf is where it’s at! As I wax my board, there’s a buzz in the air, a youthful spirit that clings to me. As we prep for the waves, it’s all about matching the energy of the young guns, and sometimes that calls for a bit of a sugar rush. Driving over, I had my hands deep in a bag of tangy lollies, those sour snake candies that keep your senses sharp.

The itinerary is packed with back-to-back action, from slicing through waves to filming and skate sessions with the crew. With big events like movie premieres on the horizon, Sydney’s pulse is electric. Here, history is crafted with each new trick executed, each wave conquered. The push for innovation has us chasing that perfect move – something like a tre flip or a gravity-defying air reverse. Navigating through Sydney’s lively streets, the anticipation for the wave pool session at Urban Surf builds.

Staying fuelled is key in this game. Just the other day, in a whirl of excitement and the need for an extra kick, I grabbed a Red Bull. There’s nothing quite like that hit of energy when you’re gearing up to take on the waves. Energy drinks are a staple here among us as we ride into the night, the air filled with cheers and the rush of adrenaline.

Hitting the water, the atmosphere is charged. The camaraderie with the crew is unmatched, trading off massive airs well into the night — all of us fuelled by a vibrant mix of caffeinated beverages and the elation of the surf. This week alone, I reckon I’ve downed about 14 Red Bulls, and it’s only Thursday. That’s the secret to keeping up with the lightning-fast pace of this lifestyle.

And when it’s not the energy drinks, it’s the lollies, like a full bag of those sour treats I mentioned, pivotal for staying on par with the enthusiasm and stamina of spirited youth. At 44, nibbling on my daughter’s candy stash, I still take my place among the kids, hitting the waves with the same fervour.

Appreciation and Closing Remarks

Cheers for joining me on this epic adventure—what a blast it’s been getting to share this journey with all of you!

It’s been an unreal time over here at Urban Surf in Sydney, ripping waves and pushing limits with the lads.

Big shoutout to Joshua Kerr for the warm invite to this cutting-edge wave pool. It’s not even open to the public yet, and we’ve already been carving up its fresh swells.

The adrenaline has been non-stop as we’ve been chasing after new stunts to nail—a special nod to the air section of the pool where we’ve been perfecting our aerial moves.

Let’s not forget the moments that had us laughing till it hurt—like the nerve-wracking wrong turns on the drive over, or that time I went all in on a bag of sour lollies to stay on par with the youngsters.

Putting down new tricks here feels like making history—double finger flips, trey flips, and those Superman air reverses. I couldn’t be more stoked about landing them.

A massive thank you to those who’ve tuned in, dropped likes, and thrown comments our way; your support fuels these sessions.

To the crew who’ve been following along without hitting subscribe—come join the family! This is all for you.

The journey’s been real—with endless thanks to Urban Surf. They’ve set up a wicked spot for us surfers to defy the normal constraints of the ocean and innovate like never before in an environment that feels more like a skate park.

And, I tell ya, being cheered on by your mates under the lights of the wave pool, it’s pure magic.

So once again, I’m truly grateful for every moment, every trick landed, and for the constant stoke from all of you. Here’s to more crazy sessions, and heaps more clips coming your way.

Stay frothy, my friends—let the good times roll on!

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