Best Bodyboards Australia

Best Bodyboards Australia

When I’m looking for the best bodyboard in Australia, I consider various aspects like performance, its suitability for turns, value, and construction quality. Let’s explore some of my top picks from different categories, along with a brief guide on what to look for in a bodyboard.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the NMD Xl Pp. This weapon of a bodyboard is a stylish black and silver color with a 1.9lb polypro core, 2 x CFT stringer, 55/45 double rails, slotted channels, HD slick, wave cushion air deck, clipped crescent CNC shaped tail, XFL armor and nose bulbs making it an impressive 44 inches in size. Find it Here

Ben Player is the most famous bodyboarder that uses this board

Our top pick for the Best Bodyboard Australia

Top Bodyboards in Australia for 2023

  1. NMD Bodyboards NMD Xl Pp (Best for Turns): Where To Get One
    • Core: PE
    • Slick: HDPE
    • Pros: Ideal for small to medium surf, excellent control
    • Cons: Tail design less suitable for spins​​. Find it Here
  2. Versus Winny Motion PP Bodyboard (Best Performance Board):
    • Core: Kinetic PP
    • Slick: HDPE
    • Pros: Versatile, lightweight, good for all-around use
    • Cons: Expensive​​.
  3. Funkshen Dual PE Dual Stringer Bodyboard (Best Progress Board):
    • Core: PE
    • Slick: HDPE
    • Pros: Highly maneuverable, great for turns
    • Cons: Polyethylene slick not as durable as surlyn​​.
  4. Manta Phantom PE Core Bodyboard (Great Value):
    • Core: PE
    • Slick: XPS
    • Pros: Ideal for beginners to intermediate riders
    • Cons: More expensive than beginner options​​.
  5. Morey Mach 11 Tube Rail Bodyboard (Best Budget Option):
    • Core: EPS
    • Slick: HDPE
    • Pros: Includes leash, ideal for beginners
    • Cons: EPS core less durable than PE or PP core​​.
  6. Stealth Delta PE Bodyboard (Best All-Rounder):
    • Core: Wavecushion Air PE
    • Slick: HD
    • Pros: Mesh reinforced, double stringer
    • Cons: PE best for cooler climates​​.
  7. QCD Drive – Kinetic Bodyboard (Premium Option):
    • Core: Kinetic PP
    • Slick: Surlyn
    • Pros: Durable, built for speed and control
    • Cons: Expensive​​.
  8. Found Mitch Rawlins ULTRA PP Crescent Tail (High Performance):
    • Core: Freedom 6 PP
    • Slick: Woven HPDE
    • Pros: Best for carving, various size options
    • Cons: High price​​.
  9. NMD Bodyboards Storm EPS (Great for Smaller Surf):
    • Core: EPS
    • Slick: Crosslinked PE
    • Pros: Light, stiff, great for beginners
    • Cons: Less effective in bigger waves​​.
Man holding an NMD bodyboard

Bodyboard Buying Guide

  1. Core Materials:
    • Polyethylene (PE): Heavier, more flexible, good for cold water and big waves.
    • Polypropylene (PP): Lighter, stiffer, waterproof, better for warm water and smaller waves​​.
  2. Slick Materials:
    • Surlyn: Flexible and responsive, ideal for serious riders.
    • High-density polypropylene (HDPP): Harder, thicker, less flexible, durable for beginners.
    • Low/High-density polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE): Similar to HDPP, more likely on PE or EPS boards​​.
  3. Size and Fit: The board should reach the navel when stood on end. Too small or too large can affect performance​​.
  4. Flex and Bottom Surface: Check for smoothness and responsiveness​​​​.
  5. Features for Beginners vs. Advanced: Beginners can start with minimal features, whereas advanced riders might prefer stringers and channels for better performance​​.
  6. Cost Factors: Prices vary based on materials, size, features, and brand endorsements​​.

Best Bodyboards Australia: The Ultimate Surfing Companions

Discover Australia’s Finest Bodyboards for Exceptional Wave Riding

Australia, with its vast coastline and legendary surf, demands bodyboards that match its unique conditions. This guide is dedicated to unveiling the best bodyboards available in Australia, carefully selected to enhance your surfing adventures.

Advanced Materials for Australian Waves

Crafting Boards for Durability and Performance

The choice of material is crucial for bodyboards, especially in the diverse Australian waters. We focus on boards made with state-of-the-art polymers, designed for durability and performance. These materials withstand the rigors of both calm and turbulent Australian seas.

Designs Tailored to Australian Surf

Bodyboard shape and contouring are key for handling Australia’s varied wave types. Our recommended boards feature designs optimized for the Australian surf, providing excellent control and agility for every wave condition, from the gentle swells of Bondi to the challenging breaks of Bells Beach.

Tailored Features for Australian Bodyboarders

Tail Designs Suited to Local Waves

Tail design is essential for bodyboard performance in Australian waters. Our selection includes boards with versatile tail designs, ensuring adaptability to both small beach breaks and powerful reef waves. The diversity in tail shapes caters to all levels of Australian bodyboarders.

Core Construction for Australian Conditions

The core is the heart of a bodyboard’s performance. We examine cores that are ideal for Australian waters, from the buoyant polypropylene (PP) cores for speed and responsiveness to the more flexible polyethylene (PE) cores for a comfortable ride in cooler waters.

Leading Bodyboard Brands in Australia

Excellence in Quality and Innovation

We highlight brands that are favorites among Australian bodyboarders. Companies like Morey, NMD, and Pride are renowned for their innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship, making them top choices in the Australian bodyboarding community.

Bodyboarder Surfing a wave like a Kook
Bodyboarder Surfing a wave like a Kook

Essential Bodyboarding Gear for Australian Waters

Gear Up for the Ultimate Experience

To complete your bodyboarding kit, we explore essential accessories such as fins, leashes, and protective gear, specifically suited for Australian conditions. These items not only enhance performance but also prioritize safety and durability.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bodyboard in Australia

Selecting the Perfect Board for Australian Surfers

Selecting the right bodyboard in Australia means considering local wave conditions, your bodyboarding style, and skill level. Our guide offers practical advice on choosing the best board size, shape, and core type for the unique Australian surf.


Choosing the right bodyboard depends on your skill level, the types of waves you’ll be riding, and your budget. Advanced riders might lean towards boards with features like Surlyn slicks and PP cores for better performance and durability, while beginners can opt for more basic models with EPS cores and HDPP slicks. Always remember to factor in additional accessories like swim fins and a leash for a complete bodyboarding experience.​

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Best Bodyboards Australia
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