Modern Surfboards Falcon

Modern Surfboards Falcon

We’re stoked to share our experiences with the Modern Falcon, a board that’s been a real game-changer for us, bridging the gap to intermediate surfing. It’s got the best bits of a funboard with some nifty tweaks to make it even better. When you’re out there paddling and ready to pop up, the wide point towards the front gives you the stability you need. Once you’re on the wave, the tailored, tapered tail kicks in, letting you feel the thrill of precise control and dynamic turns.

As we’ve grown and our skills have sharpened, we’ve noticed the Falcon evolving right alongside us. The board’s adaptable nature means it won’t leave you lagging as you hone your surfing. For the more adept surfers, rest assured, the Falcon harbours some impressive performance features that’ll make you grin ear to ear when you push it to its limits. We reckon if you’re looking to notch up your surfing from beginner to intermediate, this board will not only rise to the challenge but up the ante on fun every step of the way.

Key Takeaways

  • The Modern Falcon is an evolving surfboard designed to advance from beginner to intermediate levels.
  • It provides stability for easy paddling and take-offs, combined with a responsive tail for controlled turns.
  • Adaptable to skill progression, the Falcon offers hidden performance qualities for increasingly challenging and enjoyable rides.

A Closer Look at Our Improved Funboard

We’ve crafted The Falcon as a stepping stone for us surfers who are transitioning to the intermediate level. It’s essentially what you’d call a funboard, but with several enhancements. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Stability for Entry: The wide point sits towards the front, giving us the buoyancy we need when paddling and popping up onto the wave.
  • Tailored Control: A tapered, narrow tail which offers us a greater feel and agility during manoeuvres.
  • Progression-Ready: As our skills grow, The Falcon grows with us, its design flexible enough to match an increase in our confidence and ability.
  • Hidden Performance: For those of us who are more adept, the board has concealed design features that provide a performance edge.

We recommend this board to any of us looking to elevate our surfing from the beginner to intermediate level. It presents the right mix of challenge and enjoyment, ensuring we get an abundance of fun from our time in the water.

Principal Attributes

Our Modern Falcon board is a stellar option for surfers progressing to intermediate levels. Imagine it as an enhanced funboard that’s been meticulously refined. One striking feature is the board’s front section, which is broader towards the front. This design offers impressive stability as you paddle onto a wave and transition to your feet. Now consider the rear end: it’s tapered and narrow, giving you the capacity to experience greater control and a more responsive feel when you’re carving through your turns.

What makes the Falcon stand out is its versatility. As your skills advance and your confidence grows, the board adapts along with you. It won’t be a hindrance; on the contrary, it will become an even greater asset to your surfing arsenal. And for those who might question its performance capabilities, let me assure you there’s a level of performance engineering infused within its design that will surprise the more skillful riders.

In our view, if you’re advancing from beginner stages and aiming to elevate your surfing skills to intermediate, the Modern Falcon should be your board of choice. Embrace the opportunity to challenge yourself while also reaping immense enjoyment from your time in the surf.

Riding Dynamics and Maneuvering

We’ve gone to great lengths to craft a board that ushers us intermediates smoothly into more advanced surfing. Our take on the funboard marries stability and a responsive ride that novices will find forgiving and veterans can push to the limits.

  • Forward Wide Point: This part of the board is broader than usual to grant us a steady experience when we’re paddling into the wave and popping up to our feet.
  • Narrow Tail: It tapers significantly towards the end, which means you’ll notice enhanced sensitivity and precision during carves and turns.
  • Adaptability: As our skills flourish, this board evolves with us. It doesn’t limit our growth; rather, it encourages us to expand our surfing prowess.

Our board conceals a level of performance that may surprise the more experienced surfers among us, rewarding your efforts with a satisfying ride. We reckon it’s ideal for those keen to progress from beginner waves to more demanding surf, pushing your limits while having a top time out on the water.

Versatility and Progression in Surfing

Our Falcon isn’t just another surfboard; it’s your partner as you venture beyond the basics. Think of it as an optimised funboard, a crafted piece designed to bridge the gap as we evolve from beginners to intermediate surfers. The front of the board broadens out, granting us the stability needed to confidently paddle and pop-up. It’s the tail where things get exciting, tapered and refined, giving us a taste of control and finesse in our manoeuvres.

An adaptable nature is what makes our Falcon stand out. As our capabilities in reading waves and executing turns enhance, it does not just keep pace but excels with us. There’s a touch of performance camouflaged within its contours, awaiting experienced riders to unlock its potential. For those of us progressing from the novice stage and eager for the challenges of intermediate surfing, our Falcon is our ticket. Not only does it spur us to elevate our craft, but it also ensures we’re having a blast on the waves.

Unseen Aspects of Performance

The Modern Falcon stands as a pathway for surfers ready to progress to the intermediate stage. Our design is essentially an enhanced funboard, sculpted for ease of use and development. Its foremost broad point gifts stability as you paddle and pop up onto your feet, while the slender, tapered tail affords precise control in your manoeuvres.

With the Falcon, adaptability is front and centre; it grows with your skills. As your turns become crisper and your confidence on the waves builds, this board scales with you, never stunting your progress.

Skilled riders, take note: there are layers of performance tucked into its framework that you’ll definitely savour. For those advancing from the beginner tier and aiming to ramp up your surfing skills, this board is your ticket. It’s about stepping up the challenge and reaping a wealth of enjoyment from your surfing sessions.

Forward wide pointEnsures stability during paddle and take-off
Narrowed tailOffers control and finesse in turns
Design adaptabilityGrows with your advancing skills
  • Stability: Fundamental for learning
  • Control: Key for turn sensitivity
  • Growth: Accommodates improving abilities

Our message is clear: The Modern Falcon isn’t just a stepping stone; it’s an investment in your surfing journey, promising both a challenge and rewarding fun on the waves.

Preferred Surfers for Our Modern Falcon

We’ve crafted the Modern Falcon as the quintessential surfboard for those advancing to the intermediate level—it’s like an upgraded funboard. It’s kitted out with a generous wide point at the front, giving you that essential stability as you paddle and pop up on your feet. Then there’s the sleek, tapered tail end, which really brings into play the finesse and control you need in your manoeuvres.

Key Attributes of the Modern Falcon:

  • Stability: Enhanced by the broad forward section, making it optimal for catching waves easily.
  • Manoeuvrability: A tapered tail facilitates sharper turns and refined control.
  • Progressive Design: The board evolves with your skills, promoting continual improvement.

We’ve also ensured that the Falcon can hold its own as you push your skills. There’s a layer of performance capabilities tucked within that’ll come to light as your surfing improves. So, if you are transitioning from the beginner surf scene and looking to ramp up towards more challenging rides, our board is tailored for you.

We encourage you to take on this challenge and promise that our board will amplify the enjoyment of your surfing journey.

Riding Experience

We’ve retooled what you might call a funboard to take your surfing to new heights as you move into the intermediate realm. Our design tweaks include a forward wide point for enhanced stability as you paddle and pop up on the wave. Once up and riding, the slimmed-down tail end of the board brings a new level of sensitivity and control to your manoeuvres.

The adaptability of the board is something we’re proud of. It means that as your confidence grows and your skills sharpen, the board scales with you, never holding you back. It’s designed to evolve with your surfing.

For those ready to leave the beginner’s break behind and forge into more challenging waters, this board offers not just a step up but also loads of enjoyment. Though it might seem unassuming at first, it packs a surprise in performance for those capable of tapping into its hidden potential. If you’re keen to challenge yourself and up your game, we reckon this is the board for you.

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Modern Surfboards Falcon
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