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Retro by Modern Surfboards

Drawing from the golden age of surfing, we’ve crafted a board that honours the essence of 60s longboarding. It offers superb stability, making it a breeze to adjust your footing and perfect your stance as you catch waves. The thoughtfully designed flat rocker and generous width underpin the board’s exceptional balance, inviting you to walk its length and maximise your trim and speed.

Our board’s contours, including the tailored 60/40 rails, allow for effortless engagement with the wave’s face, enhancing your nose riding experiences. We’ve built it strong and sleek, with a double six-ounce fibreglass deck and an attractive gloss polish finish. Complementing its classic aesthetic is a sizeable fin, secured in a traditional ten-inch fin box for that timeless surf feel.

Key Takeaways

  • The board offers unmatched stability for ease in stance adjustments.
  • Designed for extended nose riding and wave locking.
  • A gloss-finished, durable construction paired with a vintage style fin.

Design Concepts Behind Our Craft

The Era of Vintage Longboards

In the days of sun and surf that defined the 1960s, we took to the waves with boards designed for grace and poise. Our vintage-inspired longboards are modelled after this golden time, where effortless gliding and stately manoeuvres were all the rage. Our boards are crafted with a full-length flat rocker, paired with ample width, to promise you unparalleled stability. It’s this design that lets you shuffle your feet and refine your stance without a second thought, all in pursuit of that perfect trim and swift ride.

Purveyors of Glide and Poise

In shaping our boards, we’ve channelled the spirit of the past, where trim and stability were king. The tail contour and a classic rail design mesh together to ensure our boards hold fast to the wave. This makes your foray towards the nose a sheer delight, and nose riding becomes as natural as breathing. We lay two solid layers of six-ounce fibreglass atop the deck for robustness, with an additional layer cradling the underside, ensuring each ride is smooth.

Our finishing touches – a gloss polish for that irresistible sheen and a notable 10-inch fin box, complete with a substantial 9.5-inch fin – are a nod to the time-honoured aesthetics and function of yesteryear’s surfboards. More than just good looks, this timeless noserider is a true testament to the art of wave catching and promises to elevate your ocean exploits, all done with an understated flair and fluidity.

Board Characteristics

Level Deck and Increased Breadth

Our board features a consistent flat rocker extending its full length, paired with additional breadth for an unmistakably stable ride. This design allows us to manoeuvre with confidence, providing optimal conditions for speed and maintenance of direction.

  • Stability: Amplified by extra width
  • Rocker: Full length, flat design
  • Advantages: Assists in stance adjustments for enhanced speed

Performance Edges and Tail Contours

Our board’s rails are shaped in a 60/40 configuration, complementing a tail design tailored for a solid hold on the wave face. These characteristics make advancing to the board’s nose for prolonged nose-riding an effortless endeavour.

  • Rails: 60/40 configuration for firm grip
  • Tail Design: Crafted for integration with the wave
  • Ease of Nose-Riding: Facilitates forward movement

Effortless Nose-Riding

Our longboard is engineered to make nose-riding a breeze, fostering a sense of ease when moving to the forefront of the board. The nostalgic longboard design allows us to glide effortlessly as we navigate the waves, achieving extended nose-riding periods.

  • Design: Inspired for easy nose-riding
  • Experience: Simplifies advancement to the front
  • Gliding: Smooth and efficient maneuverability

Constructing the Longboard

Applying Fibreglass Layers

We start crafting our vintage-inspired longboard by laying dual six-ounce fibreglass sheets on the deck, ensuring robustness without compromising the traditional feel. A single layer of the same density is placed on the underside, complemented by an extra fin patch for reinforcement. This unique combination is meticulously selected to emulate the boards from the ’60s, while also offering the durability needed for modern day surfing.

  • Deck: Two layers of six-ounce fibreglass
  • Bottom: One layer of six-ounce fibreglass with fin patch

Final Shine Application

The longboard’s surface receives a generous coat of gloss polish, providing a slick, tactile experience that’s visually appealing and smooth to the touch. This high-gloss finish not only accentuates the board’s classical beauty but also seals the fibreglass, adding a protective layer that enhances durability and performance in the surf.

  • Finish: High-gloss polish
  • Benefits: Aesthetic enhancement and added protection

Fin Characteristics

Standard Fin Enclosure

We’ve designed our board for footwork and stability, which is why we’ve equipped it with a traditional fin case that spans 10 inches. This classic feature offers a solid foundation when you’re moving up and down the board. Here’s what this setup entails:

  • Size: 10 inches in length
  • Compatibility: Matches well with various fin sizes for different rides
  • Purpose: Ideal for steady glides and maintaining trim speed

Large Tail Fin

To boost our board’s wave-catching prowess and to provide that authentic retro feeling, we’ve opted for a sizable 9.5-inch tail fin. The benefits of this feature are as follows:

  • Size: 9.5 inches in height
  • Function: Enhances wave engagement and improves nose riding duration
  • Design: Complements the board’s aesthetic and performance on the water

By incorporating these fin elements in our design, we ensure you can enjoy an outstanding surfing experience with the perfect blend of stability and style.

Board Performance

Wave Engagement

The board we’ve crafted takes its cues from the golden days of surfing, aiming to maximise the wave-riding experience with a stable and balanced design. This allows us to realign as necessary to catch the most ride out of every wave with ease.

  • Design Features:
    • Flat full-length rocker
    • Additional width for stability
  • Advantages:
    • Enhanced balance for stance adjustments
    • Ideal for increasing speed and control

Smooth Sailing and Speed Control

Thanks to the carefully thought-out tail design and the rails, the board has a natural tendency to meld with the wave, which simplifies nose riding and prolongs our time at the front. Our construction combines strength and finesse, featuring double layers of six-ounce fiberglass on top and a sturdy single layer below, along with an elegant gloss finish.

  • Materials:
    • Top: Double layers of six-ounce fiberglass
    • Bottom: One six-ounce layer with fin patch
  • Fin Details:
    • Traditional 10-inch fin box
    • Oversized 9.5-inch fin

This combination doesn’t just stop at good looks—it turns the board into an impressive wave-catching tool that brings a classic flair to our gliding and trimming along the wave’s trajectory.

Visual and Performance Features

Our Modern Retro longboard takes its inspiration from the iconic 60s, a time when longboarding accentuated smooth rides and clever footwork. Its design incorporates a full-length flat rocker and additional width, ensuring a stable platform for us to finely adjust our stance, optimising speed and control.

  • Board Traits:
    • Extended Width: Enhances stability
    • Flat Rocker: Aids in smoother gliding
    • Tail Shape & 60/40 Rails: Ensures seamless wave integration

The craft’s shape allows smooth transitioning to the nose, making extended tip-time feel effortless. In constructing the longboard, we’ve applied dual six-ounce fibreglass layers atop and a single layer beneath, alongside a fin patch for robustness.

Construction Details:

  • Deck Layers: 2 x six-ounce fibreglass
  • Bottom Layer: 1 x six-ounce fibreglass + fin patch
  • Finish: Gloss polish for a refined appearance

Completing its vintage aesthetic, the Retro is equipped with a classic 10-inch fin box and a sizeable 9.5-inch fin. Not only does this board boast an eye-catching look, but its wave-catching abilities are exceptional, ensuring stylish, flowing lines down each wave we encounter.

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