Mid length surfboard: 8 middle sized boards reviewed

Best Mid Length Surfboard

Mid length surfboards strike the perfect balance between size and maneuverability, making them an excellent choice for surfers seeking easy wave-catching without compromising agility.

These versatile boards boast a full nose, low-to-moderate rocker, boxy rails, and mid-to-high volume, earning their nickname “mini-mals”. Ranging from 7 to 8 feet in length, they excel in small to medium-sized surf and are cherished for their remarkable stability.

Rusty Mid Length Boards

Mid length surfboards offer a seamless surfing experience. With their added length and volume, they provide exceptional buoyancy and paddle power. Some are tailored for maintaining trim on the waves, while others remain highly maneuverable.

Regardless of design, once you relish the delight of riding these longer boards, addiction is inevitable. Falling within the size range of approximately 6’8 to 8’8, mid-lengths serve as the perfect meeting point for surfers of all skill levels, ensuring satisfaction across the board.

For surfers progressing into smaller boards, they can be a great option for learning to surf more lively and for short boarders, they can provide a cruisy ride for smaller days or early entry into tubes.

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Best Mid Length Surfboard
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