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Modern Surfboards Highline

We’ve crafted the Modern Highline with the goal of smoothing the progression for new surfers who are keen to get into riding shorter boards. The idea is to allow you to quickly take to the waves, stand up with ease, and make the most of your time surfing.

With a broad and generous outline, the board boasts impressive stability. This feature enables you to get to your feet with little fuss. The considerable volume we’ve integrated into this compact design isn’t just for show—it lends itself to exceptional buoyancy. This means paddling into waves feels more effortless, and you can be confident of catching them.

As you find your balance and begin to ride, the Modern Highline’s ease of control becomes evident. It allows for the smooth, fluid turns that are essential in evolving your surfing skills.

Our ethos is simple: to catch more waves is to enhance your proficiency. The board’s inherent stability and flotation work in tandem to hasten the learning process, helping you improve at a quicker pace.

Now available in both traditional PU construction and our new Epoxy Soft option, the Highline offers a choice that suits the feel you’re after in the water.

Key Takeaways

  • Eases the transition to riding shorter surfboards for newcomers.
  • Stable design and buoyancy ensure quick standing and wave catching.
  • Available in both PU and Epoxy Soft constructions for varied surfing experiences.

Surfboard Innovation Concepts

When we designed the Modern Highline, our main goal was to significantly reduce the time it takes new surfers to master riding a shorter board. We strive to ensure you can quickly stand up and ride the waves, enhancing both your skill and enjoyment in the sea.

The shape of the board is broad and generous, providing exceptional stability, which aids in easily rising to your feet. It incorporates ample volume in a compact form, adding the buoyancy necessary for swift paddling towards a wave, boosting your confidence in successful wave catching.

Once you’re riding, this board is brilliantly manageable—it lets you execute smooth, flowing turns, which is essential for improving your surfing skills. It’s all about catching more waves and riding them efficiently; that’s how the Highline accelerates your development.

We’re excited to offer the Highline in the classic PU construction and the new, exciting Epoxy Soft construction. Both materials are chosen with the intent of creating a surfboard that makes your time on the water both exhilarating and productive.

Enhanced Board Characteristics

Broad and Welcoming Shape

Our design boasts a broad and inviting outline, providing remarkable stability. This characteristic allows you to effortlessly rise to your feet, ensuring a stable platform from the outset.

  • Stability: Superior balance due to generous shaping
  • Easier Start: Simplified transition to a standing position for quick engagement

Density and Floatation

We’ve integrated substantial volume into our compact design, elevating the buoyancy to aid rapid paddling. This aspect boosts your chance of successfully capturing waves.

  • Buoyancy: Ample floatation aids in catching waves more efficiently
  • Paddling: Enhanced ability to paddle swiftly towards waves

Handling Simplicity

The craft we’ve constructed is intuitive to handle, simplifying navigation on the waves. This allows for seamless turns and a smoother ride.

  • Control: Improved manoeuvrability for graceful, flowing turns
  • Smooth Ride: Fluidity in wave riding, fostering a sense of confidence

Advantages for Learners

We’ve designed the Modern Highline with the aim of making your transition into surfing on a shorter board as seamless as possible. Our goal is for you to be able to paddle into waves swiftly, stand up with ease, and truly make the most of your time soaking up the excitement of the ocean.

The board’s full and ample shape greatly contributes to its stability, helping you pop up to your feet with minimal fuss.

The compact structure of the Highline conceals a considerable amount of volume, adding buoyancy. This means faster paddling and the confidence that you’ll likely catch the wave you’re after. Plus, once you’re riding the wave, the Highline’s ease of control becomes apparent – it facilitates smooth and flowing turns, allowing for a graceful surfing experience.

To enhance your surfing skills, it’s essential to ride as many waves as possible, and that’s where the Highline shines. It offers the stability and buoyancy needed to significantly expedite your progress, enabling you to develop your abilities at a quicker pace.

We’re excited to share that the Highline is now offered in our classic PU construction and in the new, exhilarating Epoxy Soft build.

Building Methods for Boards

Polyurethane Build

In crafting our surfboards, we focus on achieving a perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability. With a generous outline, we’ve ensured that the board is not just stable, but also incredibly easy to ride. This comes down to the infusion of ample volume within a shorter frame, promoting buoyancy, facilitating quick paddling, and confidence in wave-catching. It promises swift progression, reducing the time it takes for emerging surfers to feel comfortable transitioning to shorter boards.

  • Stability: Outstanding
  • Ease of Control: High
  • Volume Distribution: Generously Encased
  • Learning Curve: Significantly Reduced

Epoxy Soft Construction

Our newly introduced Epoxy Soft models emanate the same spirit of accessibility and rapid progression.

The lightweight epoxy makes for an exciting ride without compromising the stability you’ve come to expect from our boards.

Whether you’re confidently paddling out or performing smooth, controlled turns, this construction choice offers a soft, forgiving touch with the resilience of traditional materials.

  • Weight: Lighter than traditional models
  • Stability: Comparable to traditional builds
  • Performance: Smooth and Fluid
  • Durability: Sturdy, with a soft exterior

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Modern Surfboards Highline
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