Best Men’s Thongs Australia

Best Mens Thongs Australia

Thongs have become a staple in Australian wardrobes for their ease and comfort, particularly during the warmer months. Traditionally, when you mention thongs in Australia, minds might leap to the ubiquitous flip-flop sandal that’s perfect for the beach. However, the kind of thongs I’m focusing on are the men’s underwear variety, which have carved out their own niche in the undergarment market.

This specific type of thong is designed for men seeking minimal coverage combined with maximum comfort and style.

Exploring this further, the popularity of men’s thongs has grown due to their functionality and the versatility they offer. They are particularly advantageous for those looking to avoid visible underwear lines under tight clothing.

Moreover, advancements in materials and design have ensured that modern men’s thongs provide the support needed while also embracing a sense of daring fashion.

When on the hunt for the best men’s thongs, the material is key. It should be soft, breathable, and have the right amount of stretch for both comfort and support.

Common fabrics include cotton blends, microfiber, and modal, each with their own benefits.

The cut and fit are also critical, as they can significantly affect comfort levels.

It’s about finding the perfect balance between not too tight and not too loose, ensuring the thong stays in place without restricting movement.

In my quest to find the best men’s thongs on the Australian market, I looked at a variety of factors: the quality of materials, the durability of construction, and the comfort for everyday wear.

I wore each pair to gauge its feel and fit throughout various activities, taking note of any discomfort or irritation.

With the aim to pinpoint options that offer a solid combination of function and fashion, I’ve tested numerous pairs and am ready to share those that stood out.

Top Men’s Thongs in Australia

I’ve scoured the market to find the best men’s thongs that offer not just comfort, but also style and durability. Whether you’re hitting the beach or just enjoying a casual day out, I’m confident these picks will serve you brilliantly.

Reef Twinpins

I reckon the Reef Twinpins are a top choice if you’re chasing comfort and style in a thong that won’t break the bank.


  • Supreme comfort from the soft EVA footbed and arch support
  • Flexible triple density EVA moves naturally with my foot
  • Vegan leather and jersey-lined strap that’s kind to my skin


  • Strap may be tighter for blokes with high arches or wide feet
  • Not the best grip when they’re wet – watch out for slippery spots
  • Only the basic colour options available, which might not suit all tastes

Whenever I’m off for a beach day or just a stroll to the corner shop, I grab my Reef Twinpins without a second thought.

Their soft EVA footbed moulds to the shape of my foot, and the arch support is a real saviour during long walks.

Wearability is excellent, and I’ve never felt any discomfort, even after hours of wear.

The flexibility is another ace feature; it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all. They’ve really nailed the balance between flexibility and support – no stiff soles that make it awkward to walk.

Plus, I’m stoked that the materials are friendly to the environment with their vegan leather and mindful construction.

The only time I’ve had to second-guess them is on wet surfaces. Surely had a couple of close calls when I’ve zipped across a wet deck.

And if you’ve got a broader foot or a higher arch than most, the strap might feel a bit snug at first. Also, in terms of style, they’re pretty vanilla, but I actually prefer the no-fuss look.

Quiksilver Carver Suede Sandals

I reckon these thongs are top-notch for anyone after comfort and style in their beach gear.


  • Suede straps felt plush against my skin, cradling my feet without any irritation.
  • Arch support was spot on, making a day on my feet a breeze.
  • Non-slip sole gave me confidence on slippery surfaces.


  • Fit was a tad snug initially, might need to size up for some.
  • Footbed can get a bit sweaty on hotter days.
  • Suede might require more care than your average thong.

The moment I slipped into the Quiksilver Carver Suede Sandals, I was chuffed with how soft and comfortable the straps felt. There was no need to break them in; they were a treat right out of the box.

The contrast stitching also added a sharp look that had me copping a few compliments at the barbie.

The arch support was just what the doctor ordered. Whether I was hitting the pavement or trudging through sand, my feet felt supported throughout the day. It’s a welcome feature when you’re on your feet for hours.

Wearing these thongs on my weekend excursions, I appreciated the solid traction the soles provided. I navigated poolside areas and rocky paths without a worry, which isn’t something I can say for some other thongs I’ve owned.

The initial snugness of the fit did have me second-guessing my usual size, but they soon moulded to my feet’s shape. If you’re between sizes or have broader feet, consider going up a size for the best fit.

During those scorchers, I noticed the footbed got a bit warm and sweaty, which is typical for suede. It’s not a deal-breaker but something to bear in mind if you’re planning a full day out in the sun.

Lastly, the suede does demand a bit more care than rubber thongs. They’re not the kind to just chuck in the back of the ute and forget. A bit of TLC will keep them looking snazzy for ages.

Havaianas Thongs

I reckon these Havaianas are a brilliant pick for anyone after a reliable and comfy set of thongs for the Aussie lifestyle.


  • Mould to your feet for a personalised fit
  • Robust and ideal for everyday use
  • Lightweight and don’t chafe


  • Sizing can be a bit tricky to get right
  • May not suit every fashion style
  • Limited arch support for those who need it

These Havaianas have become my go-to footwear for heading down to the beach or just chilling at a mate’s barbecue.

With their 100% rubber make-up, they’ve proven to be durable and quite long-lasting, I’ve discovered. Plus, the more I wear them, the better they seem to fit; it’s as though they customise themselves to my feet.

I took them out for a stroll in the city too, and not once did I feel sore. They’re unexpectedly comfortable, even on those days when it feels like I’ve walked a marathon.

And, if I’m honest, despite giving them a serious workout across different terrains, they’ve stayed in top-notch condition.

On the flip side, finding the right size threw me at first. I’d suggest double-checking the BR/Supplier size they mention, just to be sure.

While they’re great for casual wear, if you’re needing something for a more dressy occasion, these might not quite suit. Lastly, if your feet need a good bit of arch support, keep in mind these are pretty flat, as most thongs are.

Reef Beach Thongs

If you’re after a pair of thongs that offer both style and comfort for your beach adventures, these are a solid bet.


  • Superb comfort with cushioned footbed
  • Durable construction that promises longevity
  • No break-in period needed for immediate wear


  • May need to size up for the perfect fit
  • Limited arch support for flat-footed wearers
  • Pricier compared to basic flip-flops

Reef’s Phantom flip flops with Cushion technology are a game-changer. I just took these thongs for a spin on the beach, and the cushioned rebound footbed genuinely brings a new level of comfort to beachwear.

The heel cupping is a nice touch, especially when navigating uneven sand.

The rubber outsole adds a layer of durability that’s essential for any beach-going footwear. I appreciate how these thongs handle rocky terrains just as well as soft sands.

Plus, the padded jersey lined straps stayed comfortable and didn’t irritate my skin even after extensive walking along the shore.

I’ve been through my fair share of thongs, and it’s clear that Reef has put serious thought into the design of these.

There’s no need to wait for them to “break-in”, they’re ready to go straight from the box.

The premium materials used in these thongs are evident the moment you slip them on, and I’ve not once felt discomfort.

Whether you’re hitting the beach or just wanting to keep it casual in the urban jungle, these thongs won’t let you down.

Reef Fannings

The Reef Fannings are a solid pick for any bloke after a reliable and versatile pair of thongs that won’t let him down.


  • Built-in bottle opener for on-the-go refreshment
  • Substantial arch support for extended comfort
  • Significant heel cushioning from the airbag feature


  • Price may be steeper compared to basic thongs
  • Bottle opener gimmick not for everyone
  • Synthetic upper might not suit all preferences for material

Slipping my feet into these Reef Fannings, it’s clear they’re constructed with quality in mind.

The moment I stepped onto the contoured footbed, I felt the arch support cradling my feet—it’s spot on for those long walks down the beach or when I’m out and about in the city.

That heel airbag they rave about? It’s not just marketing talk; it genuinely absorbs the shock and adds a layer of comfort that’s just ace after a surf session.

The novelty of having a bottle opener on hand (or should I say, foot?) can’t be understated.

Whether I’m by the barbie or at a mate’s pool party, it’s been a right laugh seeing the looks on faces when I pop open a cold one with my thongs. Never thought my footwear would be the hero at social gatherings, but here we are.

Another aspect I appreciate is the grip these thongs provide.

Whether it’s a wet pier or a dry footpath, I’ve not had a slip-up—even when I’ve tested their limits on some slick surfaces.

While some may baulk at the price, I see it as shelling out a bit extra for a blend of comfort and practicality.

Sure, they might not be the cup of tea for everyone, especially if you prefer a more traditional, low-key thong, or if you’re not keen on the synthetic material, but in my experience, they’re a solid choice that provides long-lasting wear and a fair bit of party trick charm.

Havaianas Brasil Logo Thongs

If you’re chasing a pair of no-fuss, durable thongs, these Havaianas are a choice that’ll see you through many summers.


  • Mould to your feet and feel right at home from the get-go
  • Tough as nails and keep up with whatever you throw at them
  • Water-resistant and non-slip, making them the go-to for beach outings


  • Can be a bit pricey compared to no-name brands
  • Limited cushioning compared to some specialised thongs
  • Might not suit every bloke’s sense of style

Sliding into these Havaianas, you instantly notice the comfortable fit. The rubber straps don’t chafe or annoy, which is a big tick for any footwear.

Ideal for myriad occasions, whether you’re hitting the local pub or just popping down to the shops, these thongs blend in and stand out only when you want them to.

On the sole, the rice grain pattern is not just for show – it gives that bit of grip that keeps you from slipping around after a dip in the ocean.

I’ve worn these thongs everywhere, from backyard barbies to long walks on the beach.

It’s impressive how they keep their shape and color after months of almost daily use.

Sure, they have a higher price tag than some alternatives, but I reckon they’re worth the dosh for their longevity alone.

All right, they’re not exactly walking on a cloud when it comes to cushioning, but that’s a small niggle for such a reliable flip flop.

And while they sport the iconic Brazilian flag, they’re not going to win over lads looking for something with a bit more padding or fancier designs.

Buying Guide

Understanding Materials

I always consider the fabric first.

Comfort is key; materials like cotton, bamboo, and modal are soft and breathable. For something stretchier, microfiber and spandex blends are excellent. It’s all about finding a balance between support and comfort.

BambooVery HighVery HighModerate
SpandexModerateLowVery High

Size and Fit

Picking the right size is crucial. Thongs that are too tight can be uncomfortable, while those too loose may not offer enough support. I check the size charts and measure myself for accuracy.

Note: Sizing can vary between brands.

Style and Cut

Thongs come in various styles. Some have wider waistbands or more fabric in the front for increased coverage. I choose based on the level of minimalism and functionality I’m after.


I think about why I’m buying a thong. For daily wear? Sports? Special occasions? This will influence the material and style choices.

Care Instructions

Easy care is a plus. I look for thongs that can endure regular washes without losing shape.

Price Point

Finally, I balance quality and affordability. A higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. However, I’m willing to invest a bit more for durability and comfort.

Remembering these points, I can select the most suitable men’s thong for my needs.

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Best Mens Thongs Australia
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