Best Men’s Rashies Australia

Best Men's Rashies Australia

Protecting your skin from the harsh Australian sun is not just a health precaution; it’s a lifestyle necessity, especially for those who love spending time at the beach, surfing, or engaging in water sports.

One essential piece of protective wear is the rashie, also known as a rash guard or rash vest, which serves as a barrier against sunburn, chafing, and potential irritants found in the ocean.

Rashies are designed with high-tech fabrics that offer Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings to minimise sun exposure. This is particularly important in Australia, where the UV index can be extremely high.

Men’s rashies come in various styles, including long sleeves for maximum coverage or short sleeves for greater flexibility and less heat retention. The fit is also a crucial factor; a snug fit ensures the rashie stays in place during activity, but it shouldn’t be too tight to restrict movement or too loose to cause drag in the water.

When on the hunt for the best men’s rashies in Australia, it’s essential to consider the material’s quality, UPF rating, and overall durability. Features like flatlock seams can prevent chafing, and quick-drying fabric helps maintain comfort outside of the water. Some rashies also have added benefits, such as antimicrobial properties to prevent odour.

With these considerations in mind, we’ve meticulously tested and evaluated a selection of men’s rashies available on the Australian market to find those that provide the best balance of protection, comfort, and durability.

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or simply enjoy a casual swim on the weekend, finding the right rashie can significantly enhance your experience in the water.

Top Men’s Rashies in Australia

We’ve scoured the markets to bring you a selection of the top rashies that are perfect for Australian conditions. Whether you’re into surfing, swimming, or just enjoying a day out at the beach, our guide has got you covered.

Each rashie we’ve picked offers great protection from the sun and is designed to be durable and comfortable. Dive into our list and find the ideal rashie that’ll keep you safe and stylish in the sun.

Quiksilver LS Rashie

We reckon this Quiksilver rashie’s a top pick for anyone chasing sun protection and comfort in the surf.


  • Offers top-notch UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Made with eco-friendly reprieve recycled materials
  • Moisture-wicking keeps you dry on the go


  • Might fit a tad snug for some
  • Not the loosest cut in the arms
  • Take care with washing, to maintain integrity

Slipping into this Quiksilver Men’s All Time LS Long Sleeve Rashguard feels like a second skin. It’s snug in all the right places, yet flexible enough to move with the waves. The sun’s been belting down lately, but hours out at sea didn’t leave me with any hint of a burn, thanks to the stellar UPF 50+ protection.

One of the best things about this rashie is its commitment to sustainability. Knowing it’s partly made from recycled materials gives a good feeling inside. That’s not just good for us, but it’s a win for the ocean too. Plus, after a solid session of paddle boarding, I’ve noticed it wicks away moisture like a dream, keeping me feeling fresh.

However, a word to the wise: if you’re not a fan of form-fitting attire, you might want to size up. It clings pretty closely, which is spot-on for reducing drag, but make sure it suits your style. And while the fabric’s proven itself to be chlorine resistant in the pool, make sure to treat it kindly in the wash to keep it in top nick.

Quiksilver All Time SS Rashie

We reckon this Quiksilver rashie deserves a spot in your beach-day kit for its top-notch sun protection and comfort.


  • Exceptional sun protection with 50+ UPF
  • Eco-friendly, made from reprieve recycled materials
  • Quick-dry, thanks to its moisture-wicking fabric


  • Sizes run small, may need to size up
  • Snug fit might not appeal to everyone
  • Limited to machine wash care

After a solid session in the surf wearing this rashie, it’s clear why it stands out. The sun’s harsh rays didn’t bother me at all, thanks to the impressive 50+ UPF protection. Paddling out back and waiting for sets felt comfortable as the rash guard’s snug fit kept it from snatching water and creating drag. Plus, the fact that it’s made of recycled materials is a win for us ocean lovers who are keen to keep our playground clean.

Jumping out of the waves and onto the sand, I noticed it dried out pretty sharpish. This moisture-wicking tech in the fabric is a ripper for those who don’t fancy sitting around in a soggy shirt. It’s also chlorine resistant, which means it’s good to go for a rinse in the pool post-surf without wearing down.

Mind you, getting the right size is critical. It’s best to order a size up unless you’re after that second-skin feel. And while the tight fit’s meant to prevent rashes, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea for a casual beach day. Care’s easy as, just chuck it in the machine on wash, but ensure you treat it right in line with the care instructions.

Quiksilver Junior’s Essential

If you’re keen on hi-tech rashies that have got the lot, this Quiksilver pick is spot-on for protection and durability.


  • Shields against sun with UPF 50+ rating
  • Quick-drying feature thanks to moisture wicking
  • Eco-friendly, crafted from recycled polyester


  • Sizing can be a bit snug, worth sizing up
  • Limited stretch compared to others
  • Logo durability may be a concern

After giving the Quiksilver Junior’s Essential a solid run, we’re well impressed with the perks it brings to the beach. Its moisture-wicking tech meant we weren’t left feeling soggy after a surf—a quick sunbake and we were dry. Plus, the recycled polyester has us feeling just as good about our eco-footprint as we do in our skin.

When it comes to sun safety, this rashie’s UPF 50+ really has our backs. Spending hours in the sun, and we didn’t turn a shade rosier. We felt comfy and covered, making the most of every wave without a worry.

However, we noticed a couple of points worth mentioning. The fit is on the tighter side, and while that’s not a worry for some, it’s a heads-up for those who fancy a bit more give. The material’s stretch isn’t the best we’ve seen, so it’s worth bearing in mind for those who like their gear to have plenty of give. Also, some mates had a biff about the logo peeling off a tad, so if you’re big on brand longevity, take note. All up, quality and comfort make this rashie a solid mate for your beach trips.

Quiksilver Rashguard UPF 50

We reckon this rashguard offers stellar protection and comfort for any surf enthusiast or beachgoer.


  • Superb UPF 50+ sun defence
  • Crafted from sustainable materials
  • Quick-drying and snug for active use


  • Sizes tend to run small
  • May not be as durable as some premium offerings
  • Tight fit might not appeal to everyone

Pulling on the Quiksilver Men’s Standard All Time Long Sleeve Rashguard, you immediately notice the snug fit and smooth fabric. The 50+ UPF sun protection is exactly what we need under the scorching Aussie sun, and it’s a huge relief knowing that it’s made from recycled materials. Sustainability is a big tick in our book.

Out in the surf, the rashguard performs admirably. It wicks away moisture, letting us stay in the water for hours without any chafe or discomfort. Post surf, it dries remarkably fast, which means we can hang up the rashguard and it’ll be ready for another session in no time.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before grabbing one of these. First off, you might want to size up. A few of us had to exchange for a larger fit which was a bit of a hassle. While it’s made well, some of us reckon it may not hold up quite as long as the beefier surf shop versions. So, if you’re after something that’ll see you through many seasons, you might have to look at higher-end options. Still, for its price and features, this rashie’s bound to be a fair dinkum companion for many sunny days to come.

Quiksilver Essentials

We reckon this Quiksilver rashie is a solid buy, boasting top-notch protection and durability for our surf sessions.


  • Offers excellent UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Made with eco-friendly recycled materials
  • Features chlorine resistant fabric to maintain quality


  • Sizing may run small, consider ordering up
  • Could be more colour variations for personal style
  • Might take longer to dry than expected

Ever since we got our hands on the Quiksilver Black X-Large lycra, it’s been a go-to for every surf outing. The recycled polyester material feels good on the conscience and even better on the skin – it’s quite supple and moves with us as we tackle the waves.

Along with its snug fit, we’ve been chuffed with its ability to shield us from harsh UV rays. We’re not about to argue with that UPF 50+ rating.

Now, any decent rashie should withstand typical beach wear and tear, and this Quiksilver gear doesn’t disappoint.

After a couple of months hitting the surf – it’s faced the lot: sun, salt, and chlorine. Yet, it remains unfaded and hasn’t stretched or sagged a bit.

It’s impressive, really, how it keeps its shape and effectiveness, surf after surf.

One thing we’ve noted – the rash guard does an ace job wicking away moisture to keep us comfortable on land, but it isn’t the quickest to dry once we hang it up. No biggie, though; a bit of patience goes a long way.

Quiksilver Rashie

We reckon this Quiksilver Rashie is a top pick for any bloke keen on surfing or spending time in the sun, thanks to its solid protection and comfort.


  • Top-notch UPF sun protection
  • Environmentally conscious construction
  • Quick-drying and moisture-wicking


  • Sizes run larger than usual
  • Style is looser, which might not suit everyone
  • May not be as durable when frequently used in chlorine

After giving the Quiksilver Rashie a solid go in the waves, the UPF 50+ sun protection genuinely held up, keeping our skin well shielded from the harsh Aussie sun.

Out of the water, it dried surprisingly fast, avoiding that uncomfortable sticky feeling.

The commitment to sustainability impressed us as well; being made from reprieve recycled materials means we’re doing our bit for the oceans while catching a break on the surf. Plus, we didn’t have to sacrifice style for eco-friendliness, since the rashie still looks sharp.

However, do keep in mind that the loose fit might not be everyone’s cup of tea—particularly if you’re after that classic snug rash vest feel.

Also, we noticed the size we ordered was a bit more generous than expected, so consider going a size down. And although it’s chlorine resistant, those using it extensively in pools should watch out for wear and tear.

Quiksilver Solid Streak LS Rashguard

After giving this rashie a solid go in the surf, we reckon it’s a great buy for sun protection and comfort.


  • Provides excellent sun protection with UPF 50+
  • Eco-friendly, made from recycled materials
  • Quick-drying fabric keeps you comfortable out of the water


  • The fit may be too loose for some
  • Not as durable as some heavier-duty options
  • Limited style options – it’s pretty basic

Pulling on this Quiksilver rash guard, you instantly feel the quality. The reprieve recycled fabric is not only kinder to the ocean we love, but it’s also impressively soft against the skin.

The moisture-wicking is a real winner, keeping us drier and cooler during those intense paddle sessions.

What really seals the deal for us is the UPF 50+ protection. Knowing we’re shielded from harmful sun rays gives us the confidence to stay out longer in the surf.

The rashie’s fit is relaxed, enhancing breathability and movement, which is essential when you’re carving up the waves or lying prone on your board.

After a few uses, we noticed it’s not the most rugged rash guard on the market, but for the price and eco-credentials, we’re not too phased.

The style is straightforward; it won’t turn heads, but it does its job without fuss. And when it comes to maintenance, a quick toss in the washing machine is all it takes, so we can get back to the surf without any hassles.

Quiksilver Long Sleeve Rashguard

We reckon you’ll be well chuffed with this rashguard for its top-notch protection and comfort during your surf sessions.


  • Offers excellent UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Made from recycled materials, good on ya for thinking of the environment
  • Quick-drying and moisture-wicking for supreme comfort out of the water


  • Fit might be a bit snug, so consider sizing up
  • Limited stretch compared to some other brands we’ve tried
  • Could experience sizing inconsistencies, so check the chart

Striking out at dawn for a crisp morning surf, the Quiksilver Long Sleeve Rashguard felt like a second skin. The UPF 50+ sun protection kept us shielded from the harsh Aussie sun while we were out there chasing waves.

It’s ace to know you’re doing your bit for the planet with the recycled materials used in this top.

After a solid session, we noticed the rashie wicked away moisture like a charm. There was no need to rush for a change; it dried so quick, it was pretty much ready for another go-around by the time we’d downed our post-surf sanga.

There’s been a bit of chinwag about the fit. It’s snug, which is bang on for keeping rashes at bay, but might catch you off guard if you’re after a looser feel.

Also, keep an eye on the sizing chart – some of our mates found they had to go a size up. Flexibility is decent but doesn’t beat every other rashie we’ve worn; still, it’s sturdy and keeps its shape, making it a dependable choice for any saltwater enthusiast.

Buying Guide

Understanding Rashie Materials

When we’re looking for the ideal men’s rashie, the material is crucial. Look for a blend that offers both UV protection and flexibility.

Polyester and spandex are great as they’re quick-drying and stretchy.

PolyesterDurable, quick-drying
SpandexStretchable, form-fit

Fit and Comfort

The fit should be snug yet comfortable, allowing us to move freely without feeling restricted. Flatlock seams are preferred to minimise chafing.

  • Snug Fit: Stays in place, reduces drag in water
  • Flatlock Seams: Less irritation, enhances comfort

UPF Rating

One of the most important features is the UPF rating, which indicates the level of sun protection offered by the fabric. Look for a UPF of 50+ to ensure we’re properly shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • UPF 50+: Excellent protection against UV radiation

Style and Features

Although functionality trumps style, we want to feel good wearing it. Choose a design that appeals to us, but also consider practical features like a board short connector or a mock neck for added protection.

  • Board Short Connector: Prevents the rashie from riding up
  • Mock Neck: Offers extra coverage for the neck area

Care and Durability

We want our rashie to last, so we look for one that’s easy to care for and won’t degrade after a few uses.

A high-quality rashie should withstand frequent exposure to salt or chlorinated water without losing its shape or colour.

  • Easy Care: Machine washable, retains shape
  • Durable: Resists damage from chlorine and saltwater

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Best Men's Rashies Australia
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