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Superfish by Modern Surfboards

The journey with our Superfish series has reached an exciting milestone. The latest iteration stands as testimony to our commitment to blending tradition with modernity. It’s a shape that’s akin to the high-volume, contemporary fish designs, built to boost wave count and assist your progression in the sport. By reintroducing the step deck rail, we’ve struck a fantastic balance, adding buoyancy without compromising the sensitivity in turns, courtesy of the slimmer rail profile.

We’re aiming for performance that feels both fluid and reassuring, and with this in mind, we’ve tweaked the outline, particularly at the nose, smoothing out the curves to erase any abrupt transitions. This board isn’t just for one type of surfer; it’s designed to adapt. Whether you’re an older surfer looking for a board that’s forgiving, or an advanced rider ready to carve into bigger waves, the Superfish 4 is set to become a reliable part of your quiver.

Key Takeaways

  • The fourth generation Superfish incorporates traditional high-volume features with modern design tweaks.
  • The board offers an optimum blend of paddle power and maneuverability for surfers at varying levels.
  • Its design produces a predictable and smooth riding experience suitable for diverse surfing styles.

Superfish 4 Insights

In the latest update to our beloved Superfish series, the Superfish 4, we believe we’ve captured the quintessence of what surfers loved about the original, while infusing it with modern design elements. The Superfish 4 remains a high-volume surfboard with the familiar fish silhouette, expertly crafted to help surfers catch a greater number of waves and elevate their performance.

We’ve reintroduced the step deck rail, which integrates added volume and buoyancy throughout the board’s body without compromising the lower rails. This design feature ensures that our board offers exceptional paddle power and maintains exquisite sensitivity and control when initiating turns.

  • Volume and Buoyancy: Enhanced due to the step deck rail, facilitating easier wave catching.
  • Paddle Power: Ample, thanks to the board’s generous buoyancy.
  • Sensitivity: A lower rail design for more precise manoeuvrability on waves.

We’ve refined the outline at the nose and removed the flyer—last seen on the SF2—to create an uninterrupted curve along the tail. This smooths out the transition during cutbacks and face turns, making the board exceptionally forgiving.

  • Outline: Augmented in the nose for smoother transitions.
  • Tail Curve: Continuous, aiding seamless cutbacks and face turns.

Our array of Superfish surfboards has always been about versatility. Yet, what sets the Superfish 4 apart is its predictability and seamless flow. It’s designed to cater to surfers across the spectrum, from those just starting out to veterans looking to take on larger waves.

  • For Beginners: Forgiving nature helps improve skills.
  • For Experienced Surfers: Ability to perform dynamic turns in larger waves.

We place significant value on how the Superfish 4 performs for every level of surfing competence. Whether you’re looking to simply enjoy your time in the water or to push the boundaries of your surfing prowess, this board has been shaped with your aspirations in mind. Its friendly character makes it an essential for any surfer’s quiver.

Evolution of Our Design

The latest iteration of our Superfish series is something truly exciting! We believe it’s potentially the finest version to hit the waves. In developing this board, we’ve been careful to carry over the essence of what made our designs stand out in the past, while ensuring everything stays up to the minute. We pride ourselves on offering a shape that’s got plenty of volume for easy wave-catching, which in turn helps surfers advance their skills.

Bringing back the step deck rail has been a game-changer, infusing the board with increased volume and buoyancy through its body and keeping the rails nice and low. This combination lends itself to an impressive balance, granting solid paddle strength but keeping board control in the turns sensitive and responsive.

We haven’t stopped innovating with just those elements. By expanding the nose and ditching the flyer seen in the second generation, we’ve crafted a rear contour that’s all about smooth transitions and seamless arcs. This streamlined curvature enables more controlled cutbacks and turns on the wave face.

Our Superfish 4 is designed to accommodate a range of surfers—the novice looking for a forgiving ride and the veteran surfer seeking to unlock the board’s capabilities to carve up larger waves with confidence.

What strikes me personally about the Superfish 4 is its consistency and seamless flow in the water. It’s the kind of board that doesn’t pigeonhole your surfing style or performance goals, suited for an array of surf enthusiasts. Whether riding knee-high breaks or navigating overhead swells, its versatility shines.

Enhanced Board Characteristics

Innovative Rail Construction

We’ve brought back the innovative step deck rail to boost the board’s volume and floating ability throughout its body while keeping the rails low. This design serves a dual purpose: it enhances paddle strength while allowing for a more tactile experience initiating turns.

Stability and Volume Optimisation

The board’s ability to float has been finely tuned, offering a perfect blend of stability and volume. This careful balance ensures that you can easily paddle into waves and provides a stable platform for your rides.

Refined Outline

The outline of the nose has been expanded, and we did away with the flyer from our second edition. The aim is to sustain a continuous smooth curve at the tail, enabling a seamless transition during cutbacks and turns on the wave face.

Updated Tail Configuration

We’ve revisited the tail design to achieve more control and precision. This update encourages predictability and seamless flow, catering to a wide range of surfers. It ensures that no matter your surfing goals or level of expertise, your performance won’t be restricted.

Suitability for Different Surfing Skills

We’ve seen tremendous growth and evolution in our Superfish line, and we’re thrilled to introduce the latest update. In crafting this fourth rendition, we’ve combined contemporary design with classic elements that were a hit in the original. Our focus is on creating a board with generous volume and an up-to-date fish shape. This design enhances wave catching ability and supports surfers keen to enhance their skills.

Featuring a step deck rail, the board now offers increased volume aiding buoyancy, yet we’ve kept the rail low. This dual benefit ensures powerful paddling while keeping turns sharp and sensitive. Our aim is to strike the perfect balance for an effortless ride.

We’ve revised the nose shape, moving away from past designs, opting for a smoother outline. This tweak results in seamless arcs, ideal for cutbacks and face rides. The contoured back of the board promises fluid transitions that can cater to a variety of surfing styles.

The Superfish 4 caters to a range of experience levels. Newer and older surfers will appreciate the board’s forgiving nature, and seasoned riders can exploit its adeptness for executing dynamic turns in a variety of wave sizes. We take pride in how the Superfish 4 delivers consistent performance with every wave, never limiting your aspirations or style.

The appeal of the Superfish 4 is broad; it’s not just a board, but a companion to our diverse community of surfers who seek progression, fun, and a dependable ride on the water.

Insightful Observations

As we reflect on the evolution of our Superfish range, it’s clear that each iteration has not only maintained its relevance but also elevated the surfing experience. The latest Superfish 4 keeps the heart of what made the board a favourite among many—a generous volume paired with a modern fish outline.

By incorporating the step deck rail design from earlier models, we’ve managed to pack more volume and buoyancy into the board without sacrificing the sensitivity in the rail. This unique balance empowers you with excellent paddle strength, yet allows for precise control during turns.

Key Enhancements:

  • Increased Volume: More buoyancy for easier paddling.
  • Step Deck Rail: Keeps volume high with a fine-tuned lower rail.
  • Refined Nose Outline: Removed the flyer, enhancing the fluidity of turns.
  • Continuous Curve: Promotes a smoother transition during manoeuvres.


  • Surfers who are evolving their skills will find the forgiving nature of this shape to be particularly advantageous.
  • Advanced surfers will appreciate the board’s agile response in a variety of wave sizes.

What stands out to us about the Superfish 4 is its dependable performance and seamless manoeuvrability. This board doesn’t restrict your goals or your style; it’s crafted to support a broad spectrum of surfers in their pursuit of excellence on the waves.

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Superfish by Modern Surfboards
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